Meet The Team


Ellis & Eliott - The Founders

With combined experience in sport, nutrition and exercise from a young age, it has given us the ambition to inspire and influence others to lead a healthier lifestyle. Behind the scenes we love to get our hands dirty, constructing meals and doing prep work for the day ahead. We also like to be active and get out, delivering orders to homes and offices so our customers can see whose behind the operations and the company. Our aim is to create a friendly atmosphere around Fuelled so you guys can feel at ease when ordering from us. After growing up in Loughborough we feel we owe something back to our community, throughout our time here we plan to host many fundraising events and challenges to raise money for local charities in the area. We believe providing convenience through meal prep is one thing, but uniting a town as a whole can be even more powerful.

Ashleigh - Desert Specialist

Food blogger and personal trainer Ashleigh loves inventing sweet treats that help rather than hinder health and fitness goals. Food should taste great and make you feel great physically and mentally - and healthier desserts are her specialty.